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We are making the fresh, crispy and quality chips for retailers, café owners, and restaurants. We harvest the finest, matured, and quality-filled potatoes. Furthermore, we deal in two varieties of ‘ready to cook’ french fries. One is Gold stick and the other is Silver stick. The first-one consists of uniform long potato sticks whereas the second-one consists of mixed potato sticks.    

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Gold Stick

Gold Stick is aimed to target the fries retailers, cafe owners, and restaurants. Mainly because people out there love to eat and enjoy uniform fries sticks. People from these market segments can consult us because we are providing them semi-boiled and pre-prepared, just ready to cook packaged french fries.

Silver Sticks

Silver Stick is aimed to target general people who have no issue with the size of the potato fries sticks. People will love and enjoy every single piece of potato fries sticks. It is because we make them eatable for people. These sorts of french fries sticks are semi-boiled and pre-prepared, just ready to cook packaged french fries.

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Fresh Potato

Harvested from the finest farms, we bring you the finest fries from the freshly harvested potatoes.

Clean Slices

Potatoes processed through a procedure on the assembly line which cut them into pure slices

Premium Quality

Semi boiled, marinated with corn flour, and preserved into packaging for days to make quality fries.

Pre Cooked

No need to clean, peel and marinate with corn flour, just buy & fry. Reach out to us and have it.

matured Potato

Ideally suited potatoes extracted from one of the finest farms of the country which satisfies taste.

Crispy Fries

With all these traits and characteristics of French fires, it all comes under SMV Products 

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SMV is a sole proprietor, who deals in a range of food products. We are a food commodity service caterer, initially starting out in late 2021. We stepped into the food market industry with the most consumable food product which is ‘French Fries’. More and more food products will be in the queue in the coming time.  


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